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The Numbers

Members: 1,358
Projects Completed: 6,014
Tasks Completed: 19,206
Notes Taken: 55,678

How it works

TaskMotion provides the most intuitive tools to for managing simple tasks, or large projects.

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Why Capturing That First Thought Matters...

As Humans, we rarely begin with well conceived ideas right away. The U.S. Constitution, the Theory of Relativity, as well as other major expressions of human thought start as a seed, and blossom through planning and perseverance. Sadly, many great thoughts go unrecorded - with that person left with a vague feeling that there was something important they should be doing.


Notes are a powerful part of TaskMotion. A note represents that "first thought". Once captured, notes go into an "Inbox" where you can rest assure they'll be seen again. From there, TaskMotion assists in moving the Inbox notes to their appropriate category: Project, Task, or archived for reference.

Capturing that first thought matters because it's just easier on the mind. You don't have to be bothered by having the same thought again and again. Another reason capturing the first thought is important is simply to prevent it from "falling through the cracks".

Ever feel like you are forgetting something?